Pond Cleaner
Sparkle Pond clearer is a multi-enzymatic solution that breaks down decaying organic materials in bodies of water. Sparkle Clearer is non-toxic, pH neutral, and safe for humans and all wildlife. A gallon can treat an acre of 1-2 feet of water. For best results, add Sparkle cleaner at the beginning of spring at an inlet or the water's edge and repeat every 3-4 weeks with half of the original amount. 



Pond Dye
Sparkle Pond Dye is:
  • non-toxic and ecofriendly
  • safe for humans
  • safe for fish, pets, and all wildlife.
  • will not stain clothes or skin after circulation throughout pond

This product is a colorant used to alter the color of water to a deeper blue. A gallon of Sparkle is enough to dye an acre of 4-6 feet of water and will uniformly diffuse within 24 hours. For best results, add to water in early spring and reapply to keep desired color.

 Adding Sparkle Pond Dye:
* For product SDS sheets please contact us